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Hello, PEN Clubbers!

Protocon will be attending Blockfesta 2022!

Blockfesta 2022 will be hosted by Block Media, a media outlet that specializes in blockchain technology and digital asset markets. The event will be held for two days, from December 1st to December 2nd, with the theme of “New Spring for Web3.0” to discuss the future of Web3, including digital assets, NFT, and the metaverse.

Event: Blockfesta 2022

Date: 2022.12.01 (Thu) — 12.01 (Fri), 09:00–18:00

Venue: Gangnam Uprise Lounge


On December 1st, during the mainnet session, Protocon’s Leader Myungsan Jun will participate as a speaker representing Protocon. We will introduce Protocon by presenting the changes in blockchain paradigm, DeFi hacking cases, and cross-chain.

We ask for your interest and support!

Thank you!

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