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PEN, Perfectly Efficient way to write in Protocol Economy.

Hello, we are Team Protocon.

Today, we are going to talk about the DID model following the last episode, Voting Model.

Have you heard of “vaccination passports” or “electronic vaccination certificates”?

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, many parts of daily life have changed, and new systems have emerged.

Vaccine passports and electronic vaccination certificates with DID are the examples of the change, and in order to go abroad without quarantine, not only passports but also vaccination passports proving that the person is not infected by COVID-19 and whether the person has been vaccinated. As such, COVID-19 accelerated non-face-to-face and digitalization throughout…

Did you enjoy the last episode, What is Token Model- Part 2? Today we are going to talk about a new model, the Voting Model.

Due to the prolonged COVID-19, more listed companies are adopting electronic voting. A total of 184 companies used electronic voting for general shareholders’ meetings in 2021 compared to 2020, which is a 27.9% increased rate from the past year. This is because using electronic voting allows shareholders to exercise their voting rights over the Internet without attending shareholders’ meetings. …

As of now, Protocon is operating the official SNS channels (Medium, Naver, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) where you can quickly see our news.

In addition, the operation of Telegram (EN) and Kakao Talk (KR), which will be a place of communication with the Protocon community, will start on May 6th, 2021. In commemoration of the opening, prizes will be given through various events in each channel(Telegram, Kakaotalk).

We look forward to your interest and participation, PEN Club!

▶︎Official Telegram(Global)

▶︎Official Kakaotalk(KR)

Did you enjoy reading last week’s What is Token Model — Part 1? Last time, we looked into the difference between tokens and coins and the standard token, ERC-20. If you missed the last article, please read it first and move on! Today, we are going to talk about what needs to be solved on the ERC-20 token and the token economy.

As I mentioned in my previous article, ERC-20 has various advantages. However, there are still parts that need improvement.

First, Ethereum Network, the mainnet of ERC-20 today, is attempting to change from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to…

In this episode, we will talk about Token Model continuing from the last episode, [What is Digital Asset Model?]. Token Model is one of the most important models of the Protocon Network so we will divide the episode into two parts. We will discuss Token Model in detail after pointing out the terms and concepts needed to understand Token Model. Shall we first look at the definition and difference between ‘coin’ and ‘token’?

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency even a tiny bit, you’ve often encountered the words ‘coin’ and ‘token’. Currently, the word ‘coin’ and ‘token’ are frequently used in…

You’ve probably heard of the news that a series of artworks with NFT were sold at enormous prices recently. For example, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s wife and singer Grimes auctioned off War Nymph, a digital painting with NFT, and in 20 minutes it was sold for 6.5 billion won. Pictures are not the only ones sold through NFT. Twitter co-founder Jack Patrick Dorsey sold his first tweet, ’just setting up my twttr’, which he wrote 15 years ago for $2.9 million. …

Hello, this is Team Protocon Network.

What comes to your mind first when you think of electronic documents? Unlike paper documents, electronic documents may seem distant, but they are easily found in everyday life. An example of the electronic document is an electronic receipt. I’m sure you’ve received it at least once because quite a few places, including Starbucks, are now issuing electronic receipts instead of paper receipts! As such, electronic documents are already being commercialized. In particular, the most active electronic document management industry is the financial industry, with Bank of America that went paperless since 2018.

Digital document market size in South Korea

So, what’s…

Hello. This is team Protocon Network. In the last episode, we talked about the definition of Protocon and unresolved problems in the blockchain industry. If you haven’t read the first article yet or would like to learn more about the Protocon Network, please check out the first episode <What is Protocon?>.

Today, let’s talk about the ways Protocon found to achieve a safer data processing and development environment. Protocon Network presents a new framework called a ‘Model’ that adds security and operational policies to Ethereum’s smart contract structure.

So, what is ‘Model’? Before we explore the model, let’s first look…

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, existing economic and consumption patterns have changed to a new paradigm called ‘non-face-to-face and digital transformation’. The advantage of digital transformation is that there are no spatial and time constraints, and a representative example of this is the ‘smart work’. It is better known as a flexible work system(flextime) in Korea, and it is a system introduced by Samsung Electronics, Naver, and Woowa Brothers meaning that working hours can be adjusted flexibly. As such, digital transformation is penetrating everyday life closer and faster than you think. Martin Sorrell, founder of global advertising and marketing firm WPP…

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