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Protocon, a Window into the Protocol Economy.

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

In the last episode, we talked about <Metaverse and Blockchain>.

In this episode, we will take a closer look at representative cases of metaverse.

In the 2000s, the metaverse started and grew around games, gradually rising to the surface, but with the spread of smartphones, it gave its position to social networking services (SNS) for a while. The reason why metaverse, which had been sparkling and slowly forgotten, began to draw attention again is due to the contactless trend caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

The newly released video contains the vision that Protocon will unfold.

It includes: a self-developed mainnet implementation Mitum, Model that will be used in various industries, and a roadmap for future development.

Through this video, I hope that Protocon’s goal of building a protocol-based society and a self-operated digital economy is well conveyed to you.
Through the realization of the roadmap, we will take steps to make blockchain technology gradually melt into our lives.
Please look forward to the future that Protocon will draw, a window that illuminates the future.

Now, we begin our Journey.

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Hello, everyone. It’s Team Protocon.

Did you enjoy the last episode <FeeFi Operating Principles>?

Before starting this episode, if you haven’t read the last episode, please check the link above.

Recently, there is a high level of interest in blockchain technology in various industries.

Blockchain technology has developed and matured, expanding its use to various industries such as logistics, distribution, manufacturing, public service, society, and culture, and has emerged as a next-generation technology that is receiving the attention of government agencies and various companies in each country.

Blockchain, which is used in various fields of utilization, has something in common…

Hello, this is Team Protocon.

Following the last <Introducing: Fee Model, Fee Financing(FeeFi)> and <DeFi and FeeFi>, we’re going to talk about how FeeFi works similar to the DEX service today.

Have you ever heard of Mt. Gox hacking case?

Established in 2007, Japan’s cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox has grown into the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by 2014. However, the first cryptocurrency hacking incident in which the private key of the exchange was stolen caused about 47 billion yen worth of damage, forcing bankruptcy and rehabilitation of Mt. Gox. …

Hello. This is Team Protocon.

Recently, we have several initiatives and community engagements that we are working on, but here’s a bit of what we’ve worked on in May! From June, we’ll be reporting on both internal and external news from Protocon as well as technical updates, so please continue to support us!

1. Protocon’s English Whitepaper published

An English version of the Protocon white paper has been issued. The English version 0.6 white paper describes the objectives and specific measures of decentralization in order for Protocon to deliver a trusted infrastructure in the digital age. In the future, a…

Hello, everyone. It’s Team Protocon.

Did you enjoy the last episode [Introducing: Fee Model, Fee Financing (FeeFi)]?

Before starting this episode, if you haven’t read the last episode, please check the link above. Today, we’re going to talk about the most distinct strengths of Protocon, FeeFi, together with the traditional DeFi.

TVL in DeFi

If you’re interested in blockchain, you probably know that DeFi has recently emerged as a very hot topic. DeFi, which first appeared in 2017, has attracted attention since June last year being called the “second ICO boom” and received great attention from the blockchain industry in 2020. In January…

Hello, we are Team Protocon.

Did you enjoy the last episode, <What is DID Model?>. If you missed the last article, please read it first and move on! In this episode, we are going to talk about the fee model, which is the core of the ProtoconNet, receiving the most expectations and attention, and the Fee Financing(FeeFi) applied to the fee model.

Blockchain technology has the advantage of enabling reliable transactions between participants of the network without a third-party credit institution, thereby decentralizing digital infrastructure and becoming the basis for horizontal digital business. …

Hello. This is Team Protocon.

Monthly Update is a monthly report that outlines the activities of Protocon over the past month. From now on, we’re going to use it as a window to share the performance of the Protocon every month. Today, we will summarize the main news from April.

1. Official opening of the Protocon homepage

- Last April 14th, Protocon’s official homepage( was opened.

2. Protocon White Paper 0.5 public release

- Protocon’s white paper 0.5 Korean version has been released.

Protocon’s white paper 0.5 Korean version is available on the official website.

3. Protocon’s Official Channel


Hello, we are Team Protocon.

Today, we are going to talk about the DID model following the last episode, Voting Model.

Have you heard of “vaccination passports” or “electronic vaccination certificates”?

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, many parts of daily life have changed, and new systems have emerged.

Vaccine passports and electronic vaccination certificates with DID are the examples of the change, and in order to go abroad without quarantine, not only passports but also vaccination passports proving that the person is not infected by COVID-19 and whether the person has been vaccinated. As such, COVID-19 accelerated non-face-to-face and digitalization throughout…

Did you enjoy the last episode, What is Token Model- Part 2? Today we are going to talk about a new model, the Voting Model.

Due to the prolonged COVID-19, more listed companies are adopting electronic voting. A total of 184 companies used electronic voting for general shareholders’ meetings in 2021 compared to 2020, which is a 27.9% increased rate from the past year. This is because using electronic voting allows shareholders to exercise their voting rights over the Internet without attending shareholders’ meetings. …


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